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Lost or stolen packagesUpdated 2 months ago

If your order tracking shows your item as delivered but you can't find it, please first check other potential delivery spots around your property, like the side of your house, behind a gate, or with a neighbor.

Occasionally, carriers mark an item as delivered before it actually arrives. We ask that you allow 48 hours for the item to turn up. If your order still hasn't arrived after this period, please contact us through the 'Contact Us' option in the Help Center to raise a support ticket with our team.

Optional Shipping Protection Coverage:

At QUICKPLAY, we offer the option to purchase Comprehensive Shipping Protection Coverage through Navidium. This optional add-on, available for a nominal fee at checkout, ensures that if your product is lost, stolen, or damaged during delivery, we'll provide immediate replacement parts or products, bypassing the need for carrier investigations or additional questions.

Should you opt for shipping protection, we will verify your delivery address and promptly dispatch a replacement.

Without shipping protection, our team will initiate an investigation with the carrier to verify delivery details, which may take several days.

For more detailed information regarding shipping and delivery, please visit the Shipping Policy page, accessible via the footer of the website you are shopping from. I

To open a support ticket or talk to an agent,  please choose the option "No, I need more help" on the previous page

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