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Can I leave it assembled year-round?Updated 8 months ago

It depends on the product range, below you'll find some simple YES & NO guidelines, based on the product range:

YES: Q-FOLD and Q-MATCH and PRO REBOUNDER ranges are made from all-weather materials and are suitable to be left assembled outdoors for long periods in various weather conditions. We should note however that you will increase the product’s useful lifespan by storing it in a shed / garage if you intend on not using it for a while (e.g. through the winter). All of these products are design to fold for storage so not to take up too much space.

NO: Our other goals and nets (including KICKSTER, SPOT, QUICK-HIT and MEGA NET etc.) are designed to be quickly assembled / disassembled in just a few minutes and should not be left set up for extended periods of time between training sessions. Leaving these products assembled outdoors for long period of time (days or weeks) will significantly shorten the lifespan of the products and (more importantly) will void your product warranty.

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