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Can I return my order?Updated 8 months ago

QUICKPLAY offers a 30-Day Returns Policy for new and unopened items. To request a return, please use the Contact Us option in the Help Center to a support ticket with our team. 

Please provide your order number, and confirm that your item is new and unopened. If your return is accepted, we’ll send you further instructions on returning your item(s).

While this policy might seem strict, it's shaped by our commitment to environmental responsibility. Sports equipment, unlike some other products like clothing, cannot be resold as new once returned. Often, returned goods need to be discarded, leading to unnecessary waste. To minimize our environmental impact, we cannot provide a lenient return policy for reasons like 'change of mind' or dissatisfaction with the product's appearance after it's been unboxed and setup.

For more details, please visit our Returns & Refunds Policy page, accessible via the footer on our website.

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