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Q-FOLD crossbar saggingUpdated 8 months ago

Plastic / poly-goals like our Q-FOLD and Q-FOLD Match are great for creating a lightweight solid goalmouth, but over time, or during the hot summer you might find that the crossbar of your goal starts to sag / droop downward. It’s not a great look, but our team of designers figured out a simple solution, by simply rotating the crossbar when the goal is not in use. When stored like this, heat and gravity flex the tubes in the opposite direction, helping to remove the sag in the poles.

When you come to use the goal again, rotate the crossbar into the proper position and it should be straighter. We recommend you do this each time you use the goal (especially if you live in a hot climate), or if you intend to leave it assembled for extended periods of time.

Simply follow this instructional video:

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