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Here are some common troubleshooting articles. If you can't find an article related to your issue, please contact our customer support team for more help.

Adjusting REPLAY Station Legs

REPLAY Station legs can be adjusted by hand to improve their fit. Follow this video to learn how.

Bent base frame poles (KICKSTER, SPOT etc)

Don't worry - this is completely normal and an important design feature on all our flexi-post goal & net base frames. You’ll notice that some of the base frame poles have a slight bend / or kink in the middle of the pole. When assembled these poles c

Dented pole ends on KICKSTER / SPOT base frame

It’s rare, but occasionally couriers are a little careless and a steel pole in your KICKSTER or SPOT base frame arrives with a slightly dented end. Before returning your goal / net to the store, try this quick and simple fix to remove the dent

Q-FOLD crossbar sagging

Over time or during the hot summer you might find that the crossbar of your goal starts to sag / droop downward. We figured out a simple solution, by simply rotating the crossbar when the goal is not in use, Follow this video to leanr how.

Can't remove the plastic cap from the corner joint

We add black plastic caps to the open tube ends of our corner joints to help prevent damage during transit and sometimes these caps are a little tight / hard to remove. If you find it's not possible to prise the caps off with fingers, we advised you

Wire pole connector has come out of base frame

QUICKPLAY flexi-post goals and nets use spring wire connectors to pre-connect base frame poles, making assembly quicker and easier. On the rare occasion that one of these wire connectors comes loose / disconnected, here’s a short instructional video

Spring Button is missing / lost inside the pole

Sometimes the small buttons used in the ends of the steel tubes on our flexi-post goals and nets get lost. Not to worry, we include a spare spring button in the box of all our flexi-post goals and nets (normally it’s in a plastic bag stapled to the i